I am a Certified Feng Shui professional, receiving my training from Feng Shui Designs www.fengshuidesigns.com. I have been practicing for over twelve years with my specialty being the BTB school of Feng Shui. This Black Sect Tantric Buddhist school of Feng Shui was brought to the USA by Professor Lin Yun in the mid 1980s. The BTB school does not use the compass, but instead it is the Bagua placement that determines the energy of the desired location.

Feng Shui, the ancient art of placement, can change your life. Using this ancient art one can, especially with intent, make changes in their living and work environments that can affect an outcome. The idea is that the simple movement of an object from a place of vagueness to a place of precision makes the energy in the space shift.

Many homeowners and apartment dwellers live in places that have inauspicious surroundings. These surroundings, as outlined in Feng Shui, require “cures” to shift their detrimental placement. Often a Feng Shui practitioner will take note of colors, symbols, and shapes of objects when making recommendations for a particular space.

Symbols are often universally used, although a person’s particular interpretation of a symbol due to a lifelong connection or as a result of a profession or belief system may alter its use within their home, across the board. Symbols for Longevity, Wealth and Prosperity, Protection, Love and Relationship are similar in most sects of Feng Shui.

The primary object of Feng Shui is to create a flow of energy throughout your home, office and/or work environment that is in alignment with the healing forces of nature. Using Feng Shui will help areas of your life that require addressing and with my personalized consultation your specific needs will be met.

Consultation fees are based on the time and energy spent on the client’s behalf. Please call for more in-depth information regarding your personalized consultation.